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Nearly one in five (19%) of adults in the UK have full or partial dentures, otherwise known as removable false teeth. Their popularity is down to the fact that acrylic dentures and metal dentures are the least expensive way to fill a gap where teeth have been lost.

We offer dentures on the NHS and privately and they can work very well as an affordable solution to tooth loss. A set of dentures requires at least five visits to the dentist starting with taking a mould of the mouth, which is used to make plaster casts, from which a technician designs the dentures. We then check the fit is correct, and once fitted further adjustments are often necessary to refine the shape and make the dentures feel natural in your mouth.

Some older patients may find it difficult to keep their dentures in place, in which case a dental implant can be used to anchor it in firmly. Dental implants are as strong or stronger than natural teeth and an added benefit of using a fixed denture is that dental implants reverse bone loss in the jaw and can therefore stop or reverse the ageing effect this has on the face.

Partial dentures may be used to replace one or more teeth in an arch and can be anchored to natural teeth with metal clasps, although it may be necessary to modify the shape of the natural teeth to ensure the denture fits comfortably. The base plate of removable dentures is made from acrylic or metal, usually silver coloured chrome-cobalt, or a combination of the two. The advantage of using metal is the base may be smaller, covering less of the soft tissue, and therefore more comfortable to wear and eat with.

As well as improving appearance and chewing, a partial denture may also prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of position in the mouth, which can lead to further tooth loss.

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