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Inside teeth, all the way to the tip of the root, is a soft tissue called pulp which contains nerve and blood vessels. If a tooth is decayed or has had repeated dental treatment or fractures, bacteria can enter the root canal and cause the pulp to become infected or inflamed.

The aim of endodontics is to prevent or eliminate disease within the tooth and surrounding bone by cleaning and disinfecting the root canals using files and antibacterial irrigation, known as root canal treatment.

We have our own Specialist in Endodontics, Dr Hamed Sarrafi, so you won’t have to go anywhere else to be treated should you need this procedure. Root canal treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and is painless, although you may suffer some sensitivity afterwards, which normally settles down in 12 to 24 hours and can be relieved with painkillers.

Depending on the complexity of the case, treatment may be carried out in one to two sessions, with each session lasting between one and two hours. Some factors affecting endodontic treatment can only be identified when the tooth is opened up, for instance a tooth may have a hairline crack but until the tooth is opened it is not possible to know the extent of the crack or whether root canal treatment is feasible or not.

After root canal treatment has been carried out, the tooth is weakened and more susceptible to fracture and so in some cases Dr Sarrafi may refer you to another dentist at Marden Dental Care to have a crown fitted in order to prevent it from splitting.

Should root canal therapy fail, and studies have shown a success rate of approximately 90 per cent, further treatments are available: re-root canal treatment has success rates of 48 to 98 per cent depending on the pre-existing conditions, which Dr Sarrafi will discuss with you.


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