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Teeth are for life, but all too often we undermine our own wellbeing by neglecting them until they become damaged or, even worse, lost. The problem is that teeth, unlike other parts of the body, don’t grow back, so once damaged they will never be the same.

Keeping your own teeth for life is actually remarkably simple: it’s down to keeping on top of your oral hygiene and seeing a dentist regularly who can spot emerging issues before they have the chance to cause permanent damage. This is what is meant by preventative dentistry, and preventative dentistry is our main focus at Marden Dental Care.

Dr Dhutia has spent three decades working in Marden and over that time she has seen tooth loss among her patients all but disappear. This is no accident, it’s down to good oral hygiene and regular check-ups, the two simplest, cheapest and most effective ways to guard against the pain and cost of failing teeth.

We advise everyone to brush for at least two minutes twice daily, floss at night, and get a dental check-up at least once a year, and we recommend having a hygiene appointment (in which your teeth are professionally cleaned by a hygienist) every six months.

Everyone misses those parts of their mouth they can’t see or reach, and having a trained hygienist remove plaque and tartar from blind areas before they build up and cause gum disease or tooth decay is a really effective insurance policy. It has the added benefit of keeping your breath fresh and your teeth looking great.

At Marden Dental Care our hygienist will also offer you personalised guidance on your daily oral hygiene regime and point out problem areas that trap food such as overlapping teeth that may need special attention in between your visits.


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